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Giant Results

Matt Curry

Mick was amazing to work with. He was super patient, total pro and helped me find my ideal space.


Raheema Cox

The team made my dream come true. Mick made it happen and did a wonderful job handling my first commercial real estate transaction.

Sokol & Associates

Larry Sokol

So, after 48 years of practicing law in downtown Portland the time had sadly come to leave the city. I knew this would be tough as the city had been just a wonderful place to practice. Anyhow, I looked online and started checking out a couple of the larger office buildings in Oswego with a pleasant and capable realtor from the city. The chemistry and locations just weren't what I hoped for and so I kept on looking. Luckily I stumbled on Mick Griep who is hooked up with a small but worthwhile commercial firm...We met down at Oswego Pointe and right off the bat had an open and quite candid discussion of the location and neighbors. Know how you once in awhile get a really good feeling in a business setting? That's the sense I got from the get go with Mick. He was honest, and thorough. He was not rushed and it was clear to me that he wanted to see this lease go through because after a bit, he felt it was right for everyone on both sides of the transaction. We had one of those conversations early on which cemented in my mind the integrity of this fellow. I was wondering about how his commission worked and would work if I decided to have someone represent me in the negotiation. I had not negotiated a lease in decades and was concerned if I might be missing some important aspects of this pretty heavy duty commitment to spend the last three years of a long practice in this new spot. Mick - no hesitation in spelling out everything to me of how having my own realtor would affect his earnings. Fairly impressive to me. Mick didn't want to pull the rabbit lease out of a hat. He did his best to help me understand the aspects of the small print lease which is the hallmark of today's commercial world. I stayed with Mick alone and now it's been over a month later. I have pitched him a dozen or so other questions which he has quickly caught and responded to right away and helpfully. He knew his stuff and a couple of times quipped that this would be good for those on both sides of the transaction. He genuinely was concerned that he was making not just a good deal, but a good match for everyone. Any questions? I am not tough to find and would be happy to try and answer anything about this positive experience. Larry Sokol Portland/Lake Oswego

Crumbl Cookies

Tim Smith

Mick was a great commercial realtor to work with! He was flexible, responsive, and found us an outstanding location for our business! He's super friendly as well :)

Borrow Smart Mortgage, Inc.

Tom Griffith

We have high praise for Mick and work he did for us when we looked to relocate our corporate space. He was thorough in his research and prioritized our schedule when setting up viewings. When we found our perfect solution, it was a complicated scenario to negotiate. Again, Mick was very thorough and professional as he worked with multiple parties to reach a deal where everyone felt like they won. We will definitely work with Mick in the future and recommend you do too!

Mailbox Solutions

Jeff Burlingame

We've used Mick for other opportunities since we did this deal. You'll be well taken care of as we were.

Smart Pickle

Gabe Winslow

I have worked with Denise and her team for almost 10 years now and highly recommend them. She is professional, fast, and works hard to understand your needs and find the right spot. She's tenacious in negotiating and always answers your call. Stop reading this and just call her, what will it cost you?

Lisa Gitelson, DMD

Lisa Gitelson

Denise Brohoski and her team are the best when looking to purchase commercial real estate. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and they use a whole team of experts for any need imaginable during the process. They helped ease any questions or concerns I had quickly, efficiently, and more importantly, thoroughly. I strongly recommend Denise without any reservations.

Daniel Mangum, DO

Dan Mangum

The marketing and eventual sale of our building by Denise and her team was a very positive experience from start to end. There were several other owners of our building with demanding and challenging personalities, but Denise managed this quite well no doubt in great part due to her experience and professionalism. In fact, it is critically important to have that level of experience and knowledge in this area of commercial real estate dealing also with eventual buyers. Denise provides those skills combined with a high level of confidence that makes the experience about as good as it can get.

Mischelle McMillan, MD

Mischelle McMillan

Personal and professional, Commercial Real Estate NW did a superb job of arranging the marketing and successful sale of our commercial real estate building in Washington County. Denise Brohoski, lead broker and her staff (Mick Griep and Alyssa Murphy) were always a joy to work with. The building was marketed aggressively and the staff was always available to promptly address questions and concerns. One of the nicest services that Commercial Real Estate NW provided was a monthly update that was sent at the end of each month detailing what actions have been taken to market the building in the last 30 days. The update also included plans for the immediate future with regards to marketing/advertising strategies. The entire team of Commercial Real Estate NW dealt graciously and effectively at all times with a variety of personality types. Denise's extensive knowledge of the Portland real estate market was extremely valuable and helped us to market and sell our building in a very reasonable time frame. All details of the marketing/advertising campaign and closing paperwork was dealt with in a prompt and transparent manner by Denise, Mick and Alyssa. Alyssa shepherded our closing paperwork through all the necessary steps in a quick and efficient manner even in the difficult setting of the COVID-19 slowdown/shutdown. Mick was always prompt, professional and cheerful when dealing with potential buyers. He showed our building to great advantage. I wholeheartedly recommend Commercial Real Estate NW if you are looking for a commercial real estate broker.